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Companies today face unprecedented environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges

Pioneering ESG Investment Solutions for Asset Owners and Managers

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About us

At Active Earth we believe that sustainability drives value. We see ESG and non-financial data as an increasingly effective means of helping to identify company sustainability, and to provide insights that traditional financial research is unable to reveal alone. By fully integrating material and relevant ESG data into the investment decision making process, investors are better able to understand how sustainability driven value can be created and maintained.

Active Earth combines investment, ESG, and IT development experience to provide report and system-based solutions for the investment industry. Using proprietary methodologies and IT based solutions, we combine multiple sources of ESG data, for over 5,000 companies globally, to generate bespoke ESG insights for asset owners and investment managers.

Consultancy Solutions

Strategy, Implementation and Reporting

Over-arching policy formation around investment philosophy and product strategies

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Product Solutions

Portfolio ESG Analysis

ESG Rating and CO2 footprint analysis and attribution of single or multiple portfolios

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Green Screening Solutions

Bespoke solutions for filtering a large universe of listed companies across multiple ESG rating and impact criteria

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ESG Data Integration Solutions

Pioneering methodologies and technology to measure how ESG ratings and environmental footprint affect investment valuations and risk profiles

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Advisory Solutions

Investment Filtering

Opportunity sets combining ESG and financial performance

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Smart Beta

Smarter Indices using combined ESG and financial factors

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Bespoke Portfolios

Actively-managed quantitative-based ESG strategies

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Active Earth Solutions

Providing a new dimension for investment professionals to retain a competitive edge

We help asset owners:

  • Understand ESG factor exposure across portfolios
  • Assess ESG exposures across regions and strategies
  • Link portfolio construction to stated investment process
  • Assess managers' decision making on ESG profiles
  • Award new mandates to specific ESG criteria
  • Carry out their fiduciary duty
  • Provide detailed ESG client and internal reporting

We help investment managers:


Daron Sheehan

Daron Sheehan (Singer & Friedlander, Buchanan Partners & Metage Capital)


After co-founding a successful hedge fund business, Daron took a career sabbatical to participate in range of international social and environmental charitable projects, experiencing many of the world's sustainability challenges first hand. Daron created Active Earth in 2009 as a specialist investment adviser and consultancy to help the industry integrate ESG into equity investing. Daron is a CFA charter holder and qualified accountant with 23 years' experience in the financial markets. He specialises in financial modelling and integrating sustainability challenges and ESG metrics into investment strategies.

Chris Hart

Chris Hart (Reed Elsevier Pension IM, CCLA IM, Aerion Fund Management)


Over a career spanning 18 years analysing and investing in UK and global companies, Chris became increasingly aware of both the rising threat of environmental and social issues to future investment returns and the lack of effective tools to help analysts, portfolio managers, and asset managers to assess, price, and manage these risks. Chris joined Active Earth in 2015 to help develop our investment advisory and consultancy offering drawing on his extensive investment and portfolio management expertise. Chris is a CFA charter holder and is currently writing his research report to complete his MSc in Environmental Management from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Craig Doran

Craig Doran (Hargreaves Lansdown, Henderson Global Investors, Metage Capital, Osmium Capital)


Craig is responsible for Active Earth's systems, having previously worked with Daron and Peregrine at Metage Capital. Craig is experienced in producing high-quality and scalable system solutions for a wide range of applications. Craig has a strong interest in social issues and has worked internationally, holding positions with Osmium Capital, Henderson Global Investors, Foreign & Colonial and Hargreaves Lansdown.

Craig Doran

Jeremy Robinson


Jeremy joined Active Earth in 2015 to help develop ESG product strategy and research, innovation and communication. With a background in environmental science, and nearly thirty years in private client fund management and investment writing, Jeremy now specialises in ESG analysis, research and innovation within the Green Economy and the Circular Economy. Jeremy's expertise also lies in how the investment community can catalyse synergies and relationships between all stakeholders in the Circular Economy, Natural Capital and ESG world. Jeremy has a BSc (Hons) in Geography from the University of Birmingham; a Masters in Management (MSc) from Loughborough University and a Masters in Environmental Management (MSc) from Cranfield University.

Hon. Peregrine Moncreiffe

Hon. Peregrine Moncreiffe (CSFB, Lehman, Buchanan Partners & Metage Capital)


Peregrine Moncreiffe is a senior investment professional and a strong supporter of clean energy and wider sustainable initiatives. Peregrine has over 30 years' experience working internationally at a senior level in global investment firms. He is currently Chairman for the North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc. Prior to Active Earth, Peregrine founded Buchanan Partners and worked with Daron at Metage Capital

Lindsay Whitelaw

Lindsay Whitelaw (3i, Ivory and Sime, Artemis)


Lindsay is an angel investor in Active Earth and has helped shape strategic direction. Lindsay is engaged in other social-responsible ventures and previously co-founded the successful UK fund management company Artemis Investment Management. A qualified accountant, Lindsay has over 25 years' experience in the financial markets

Why Work with Us


With a shared passion for global sustainability solutions, complementary investment backgrounds, decades of hands-on experience and strong technological know-how, our team is well placed to help investors navigate the transition to a sustainable world.

Unique Solutions

Our solutions are derived from a unique combination of leading ESG data from a large number of different data providers, and proprietary methodologies for combining and interpreting the data.


Our experienced team are well placed to work closely with you, and to respond quickly and innovatively to your needs and requirements.


We have a suite of solutions from standardised portfolio ESG ratings and CO2 footprint exposure and attribution reports to full ESG data integration systems design and delivery. Our aim is to be long-term partners to our clients, working closely with them to understand their evolving needs, anticipate future requirements, and deliver market leading solutions.

Partnership and Innovation

We believe that the journey to a sustainable world is made more efficient through partnership and collaboration. Our partnerships with ESG and sustainability experts drive our product innovation, ensuring market leading tools for the investment community.

Our ESG Data

Our Combined Ratings and Impact Rankings brings together impact and rating performance to give an average ranking. For example, a high ESG rating can offset a high ESG impact

Environment Rating
  • Climate change policy
  • Policy reporting
  • Resource management
Governance Rating
  • Board independence & diversity
  • Transparency & reporting
  • Leadership ethics
  • Staff compensation, rights, health & safety
  • Product & supply chain management
  • Community relations
  • Primary & purchased emissions
  • Supply chain & product usage risk

Why ESG Matters

Governments and consumers are driving a societal shift to restrict the use of underpriced capital to mitigate environmental and social risks such as climate change and income inequality

ESG Ratings & Impact Data provides a critical insight into how, and the extent to which, companies currently use unpriced forms of capital

Strong corporate ESG performance brings fundamental benefits

Business model longevity
Enhanced brand & revenue potential
Reduced cost & risk of regulation
Improved efficiency & margins
Ability to attract & retain talent

Strong ESG performance is delivering outperformance

©2016 MSCI ESG Research Inc. Reproduced by permission

Nagy et al (2015): 'Does ESG add alpha?'

Summary results from 2 ESG strategies modelled by MSCI.

Tilt: Sector leading ESG companies Momentum: Sector leading ESG improvers

[See paper for strategy methodologies]

e4i Conference


Active Earth is working in partnership with Frontier Exchange to deliver a conference that directly addresses the extent of the environmental and social challenges facing investors today and explores the available ESG solutions and services that can help investors to manage the risks and opportunities that these challenges present.

Active Earth ESG solutions are part of an increasingly sophisticated product and service offering landscape that enables investment professionals to gain the full benefits of integrating ESG into their investment process. e4i will bring together expertise from across the ESG and investment worlds, playing its part in bridging the gap between investment and ESG

The conference provides an opportunity to hear from and connect with thought leaders, investors and asset owners, as well as service providers in sustainability and ESG data services.

Please visit the conference website at for a more detailed summary of the conference structure, benefits to attendees, and ways in which attendees can participate.


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